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Research and Resources

Besides all the resources housed in the Library of the third floor of Philas House there is also a host of additional material available both in digital and hard copy format in various areas of the premises. In the “Print Room”on the ground floor there are two compacti full of material which may be relevant to members wishing to research for their projects

Compactus 1 -
Included in this compactus are -

  • E.A. Crome Collection –copy of Australian Aerophilately from the National Library of Australia, Canberra in 27 Volumes

  • Marguerite McNeill Collection of Music and Theatre - Museum of Applied Arts & Science Sydney acquired this collection in 1983. An extensive collection of music and related areas on stamps as well as covers and other philatelic material

  • S Sobbs collection of Postmarks of Australian Forces all fronts 1938 –1953

  • Australia Post Microfiche albums of Australian Stamps

  • Jack Leek Collection of Tax Postmarks

  • 1886 –Rail, Post & Telegraph - map of NSW and index

  • Slides of Abramovich Collection & Australia Post Archives photographed by Alex Pailthorpe

Compactus 2 –
Included in this compactus are -

  • NSW Postmaster General Annual Reports from 1859 –1900

  • NSW Legislative Council - various Bills, Papers, Treaties etc from 1858

  • NSW Postal Guides from 1883 onwards

  • Post Office Circulars - monthly, NSW edition, mainly 20th century

  • Instructions to Postmasters –from 1911 various editions

  • Post Office Histories - NSW, in alphabetical order or those completed by the

  • Historical Office in 43 volumes

  • Post Office Annual Reports - 20th century

  • Post Office Guides - for the 20th century

  • 1890 –Official record of debates & proceeding of the Australian Federation Conference held in Melbourne

        Please note that the material in this compactus is the property and copyright of Australia

        ​Post and is available for research but cannot be published in any form unless prior permission  

        has been obtained from Australia Post

Third Floor Kitchen area

  • Philatelic Exhibition catalogues –collections of Australian, New Zealand and International Philatelic exhibitions arranged by year order, located in a cabinet backing on to the kitchen area.

  • Norman Hopson Local Histories Collection - history of NSW Local Government areas. There are two sections, Sydney and Regional areas both arranged in alphabetical order. The collection is located in a cabinet backing onto the kitchen area.

Display Cupboards Ground and 3rd Floor -
Philas House has over the years been the fortunate recipient of a number of collections donated by members or their families and Philas has also purchased some significant collections itself from Auction offerings


A significant numbers of collections are available for Clubs to borrow for display at their meetings the Catalogue indicated those which are suitable and available by their 3 or 4 star rating. There are also a number of collections which are too valuable to be made available for club display and these may be viewed under supervision at Philas House.

Members are welcome to follow this                                                    link to preview collections that have been digitised and may be available for borrowing by Clubs for their meetings, as well as some private collections and collections that will only be available for viewing at Philas under supervision.

Additional Digitised Resource

There is another digitised resource which can be found under                                                             and is a collection of Bulletins that were produced by a former club President, Uwe Kruger, that contain a wealth of information on Australian Stamp issues ut also includes a wide variety of topics including rare postmarks, forgeries, Cinderellas and faults from a variety of countries.


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