Private Collections

The following collections belong to individuals who have allowed the scanning of their collections so that there is a digital copy of their material, whether for insurance purposes or just for their own record. The identity of the owners remains private by their wishes, but they are happy to share the images of their material with other collectors and hopefully other collectors may add to this section in the future

Benham is the leading publisher of high quality first day covers having been in operation for over 30 years. Their philosophy is simple - to produce the most beautiful covers in the world, which are a joy to collect and hopefully increase in value as time goes by. When they design their own covers, they go to enormous lengths to create ones which collectors will be proud to own and display. When finished, each one presents a total picture linking the stamps, postmarks and cover designs to create a miniature work of art. The Australian covers collection stopped in 1988 when a change to the production of the covers saw the cost of the individual covers became prohibitive.

Some auction Catalogues call them siegeloblaten (wafer seals).  The mid-Victorian paper ones in England used to be called "wafer" seals because their use immediately followed that of 5-10mm adhesive "wafers" of paste (to be wetted) or wax (to be heated) in the early nineteenth century.  These were put between the layers of a closed entire letter & wetted, or heated with an iron.  I suggest that these larger, later German seals should simply be called what they are – adhesive paper seals, plus suitable adjectives to describe them – official (often called Siegelvignetten), commercial, personal, topographical etc.


Additional material on German Seals is also available from the German Seals Study Group of UK newsletters from 2003 to 2008 which are not included in the links below but which can be made available on request

Post Office Archive Restricted Access

Revenue Stamps of the Austro-Hunarian Empire & the Austrian and Hungarian Republics

The Austro-Hungarian Empire was in existence for just more than 50 years. Internal struggles and expansionist ambitions led in part to the start of World War I, which ended in the Empire's defeat and ultimate dissolution. The Hapsburg dynasty had given way to the Austrian Empire, in 1804. Military defeats at the hands of Napoleon's Grand Armee began a decline from which the Austrian Empire never really recovered and the Empire devolved into a partnership with neighbouring Hungary that in 1867 became the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

 There are two sections to this collection. The first and larger collection is revenue stamps of the Empire and Austrian Republic. The second section is of the Empire and the Hungarian Republic. It should be noted that the earlier issues were in fact printed on the official document and it was necessary to purchase the document with the revenue stamp already printed on it, whereas the later revenues were adhesive stamps. The collection starts with the revenue stamps of the Austro-Hungarian empire but the later pages are the revenue stamps of the Austrian and Hungarian Republics.


There are a number of areas with the stamps issued by New Zealand that may be of more specialised interest and these include:

Government Life Insurance issues                                Air Mail Issues

​Postage Due                                                      Express Delivery

Fiscal Issues                                                          Land Deeds

The collections below are by no means complete but could be of interest to those collectors who are considering or who may already have collections covering some of these areas

The following are two private collections, not of exhibition quality, but are a combination of three different collections which is reflected by the material displayed over the various years covered. Care has been taken to identify various perforations, colour variation and flaws, but  expert knowledge may not always agree with the information contained on these pages. In putting togther these collections references have been included that provides some background information on the various issues and as far as possible acknowledgment has been made of the sources of the information included

NZ Health Issue Stamps 1929 - 1970
NZ Commemorative Issue Stamps 1906- 1971