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Philas House Display Collections

Whilst I have been careful to scan the various collections at the highest resolution available.  The requirements for uploading material to the website has meant in some cases that the images may not be as clear as I would want. In other cases the collection has had to be split into smaller segments,  to meet the strictures of this web design package.  Various scanners have been used on the different collections  and the quality of the digitised material does vary, in the future it is hoped to standardise the quality.
All the material that has been digitised is covered by copyright and whilst you are more than welcome to view the material (before possibly borrowing for Club Meetings), but if you wish to include any of the digitised material in any publications that you wish to publish or display you should first seek permission from Dr Geoff Kellow on of the Philas Libarary Inc

There are also an additional source of information in the form of "Bulletins" that can be found under the Penrith Philatelic Society link under Clubs. These were produced by Uwe Kruger a former president of the Club  and which contain a wealth of information on Australian Issues as well as information covering a wide range of special interest topics and images

  Display Collection Links

Frutchmann 1956 Melbourne Olympics
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