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Display Material available Philatelic Club for Display at meetings

Philas House Display Collections

Over the years Philas House has been the fortunate recipient of a number of collections donated by members or their families and  Philas has also purchased some significant collections itself from Auction offerings,
In the display catalogue I have tried to identify the quality of the various collections. Some of the collection are in a suitable state for Philatelic Clubs to borrow for display at the club meetings, those noted as 4 Star or 3 Star would currently be suitable. Those in the catalogue which are noted as 2 or 1 star would not be in a suitable state yet for clubs to borrow or may be too valuable and may only be viewed under supervision at Philas House.

Resetting or mounting of collection material is an ongoing task and whilst some stirling work has been carried out by Frank B Whitfield, Richard Peck, Milton Hook, Cyril McColough and Finn Kristiansen there is still much work to be done as new material is being constantly received and in some cases requires additional work before it may be available for Clubs to borrow.

Borrowing Collection From Philas House


If Clubs wish to borrow a collection for one of their meetings they should ensure they lodge their requestt to borrow the material three months prior as collections may already have been booked out for their desired date.

Requests for collections should, in the first instance, be emailed to Philas House noting their meeting date and preferred date for collecting the material . It is also suggested that Clubs also include an alternative collection should their first choice not be available. An email confirmation will be sent confirming the collection that will be available and the date for collection.

There is a register kept in Cupboard 25 at Philas and is important that in every case material where material is being collected and returned to Philas House that it is signed out and back in by a club representative.

Where material is to be posted to a Club then the request must be emailed by an officer of that Club and that nominated person will be responsible for the safe return of that material to Philas House. Philas House will endeavour to ensure that material is posted in good time to be available for the designated meeting and if there could be a problem because of prior bookings then Philas will contact the Club to resolve any possible problems

Philas House Catalogues

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